Atlantic Coast Surety (ACS) develops solid bond programs tailored to meet your company's needs. Our experienced staff will help you with the full range of contract business, from the small specialty contractor to the large general and multi-trade firms.


Guarantee Your Performance

Contractor's Bonds assure that construction firm’s work is guaranteed from start to finish. These bonds range from Bid Bonds that guarantee your firm will obtain the necessary bonding to fulfill a contract to performance bonds that guarantee the completion of the project in accordance with the contract specifications terms and conditions.

  • Bid and Consent
  • Performance
  • License
  • Fuel Tax
  • Highway Permits
  • Driver Training Facility


Subdivision Bonds Guarantee Public Improvements Required of Your Project

Developers frequently need surety bonds to serve as performance guarantees for subdivision projects. Developers start the subdivision process by filing maps with the proposed configuration of the project including public improvements necessary to serve the project.

When the installation of public improvements is a condition imposed on a developer, the developer must furnish acceptable security to guarantee completion and payment of the work. With subdivision bonds, the developer is guaranteeing the installation of improvements such as sidewalks or landscaping to benefit the public.

  • Subdivision/Site Plan
  • Deposit
  • Road Opening
  • Street Obstruction
  • Utility


Commercial Fidelity Bonds Protect You from Dishonest Acts

Commercial Fidelity Bonds provide a guarantee that the bonded employee or public official will handle their financial and property transactions honestly.

  • License and Permit
  • Lost Instrument
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Third Party Employee Dishonesty
  • Fuel Tax
  • Used Motor Vehicle Dealers
  • Public Officials
  • Tax Collectors
  • Patient Trust Fund
  • Custom's
  • Auctioneer's
  • Miscellaneous


Court Bonds Protect Parties in the Legal System

A Court Bond guarantees that a fiduciary will execute his or her duties as ordered by the court in the role of an Administrator, Appeal, Executor, Guardian, or Trustee bond.

Court Bonds may also be required of parties in a lawsuit who are trying to obtain remedies that the law allows only upon posting a bond. Court Bonds protect a party in litigation from possible loss if the court grants a privilege to the other party. Court bonds used in civil proceedings are called "litigant bonds" because they protect the rights of litigants.

  • Probate
  • Executors
  • Administrators
  • Guardians
  • Trustees
  • Plaintiff
  • Appeal
  • Supersedeas

Atlantic Coast Surety Offers a Wide Range of Options for You.

Download our Bonds & Surety BrochureMany bond requirements call for bonds that are written by Treasury-listed and highly-rated surety companies. ACS puts together the pieces of the bonding puzzle by offering a wide range of options from many companies that have the security and acceptability the marketplace demands.

Our bonding specialists have developed special programs with an extensive network of quality surety companies, enabling us to provide customers with ready access to:

One Source for Surety Requirement Bid and Performance Bonds

  • Supply Bonds
  • Site Improvement Bonds
  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds
  • Court Bonds

  • Commercial and Fidelity Bonds
  • Service Contractor Bonds
  • Transportation Contractor Bonds
  • Subdivision/Site Plan Bonds